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Our Unique Guarantee Unlimited Return Touch Up Services for Your Bond and Carpet Clean Services

What does our Full Furnished or Unfurnished bond clean service cover for you?

Kitchen area

  • Clean all kitchen cupboards inside and outside

  • Clean and polish all benchtops to make them sparkling shining

  • Deep clean and polish inside and outside oven, griller, trays, rangehood, and stovetop

  • Deep clean and polish all doors and remove all the marks on both sides of the doors

  • Clean and polish all sinks and polish all drain holes, drainers

  • Clean and polish inside and outside the microwave, fridge, and dishwasher with a furnished property only 

Bathrooms area

  • Clean and polish all inside and outside cupboards and drawers

  • Professional clean and polish all mirrors and internal and accessible external windows, window tracks 

  • Clean and polish all bedroom blinds, remove dirt on both sides of the blinds 

  • Spot clean all internal walls with sponge and detergents or optional full wall wash clean  depends on how clean the property it is

  • Dust and Clean exhaust fan

  • Clean and polish all internal light fittings only clean accessible light fittings considering safety factors 

  • Scrab and remove all mold and marks with bleach inside and outside all the shower areas

  • Clean and polish all inside and outside tapware, tower rails, sinks, and bathtub with the eco-friendly cleaning product

  • Scrub clean soap marks on the tile floors and water outlet and remove hairs on the floor


  • Clean and polish all inside and outside cupboards and drawers

  • Clean and polish all internal fans and light fittings 

  • Clean and sanitize all air condition filters inside and wipe outside of AC

  • Clean and polish all mirrors and internal and external windows, windows tracts

  • Spot clean and polish both sides of blinds

  • Spot clean or full wash clean all internal walls depends on the sizes and conditions of the property a

  • Clean both sides of the doors and polish the door handle

  • Clean all skirt boards of the bedrooms


  • Clean behind, inside, and outside of the washing machine space

  • Spot Clean or full wash clean all walls, skirt boards

  • Clean inside and outside of the cupboards and top of the cupboards

  • Clean and polish tapware, sink, laundry tub, shelves

  • Clean and polish inside, outside, and behind the dryer

  • Deep clean door and polish all door handles 

  • Clean and polish light fittings 


  • Spot Clean all the marks on the walls and skirt boards

  • Clean and polish doors and door handles 

  • Clean and Sanitize inside and outside toilet seats, toilet bowel, behind toilet seats with bleach

  • Clean and polish toilet paper handle

  • Clean and polish floors

  • Clean and polish light fittings and exhaust fan

  • Clean and polish inside and around washing basin


  • Vacuum and Clean all inside cupboards and floors

  • Sweep and mop all tile floors to make them look sparkling shining

  • Clean and polish all light switch buttons and switch plugs 

  • Sweep garage floors and Clean garage windows at both sides 

  • Clean all both side of fly screens, frames of the windows 

  • Clean all staircase, walls, handles, and picture frames 

  • Remove all the spider webs of the ceiling corners and inside of the cupboards 

Carpet Clean

  • Our Carpet Clean Technicians are experienced with different types of stain removals and our contractors are fully trained with detail orientation to move your furniture to clean every single corner of your rental property to make your real estate agent impress with our end of lease carpet clean service.

  • We also offer you unlimited return touch-up service for your carpet clean if your real estate or owner is looking for the highest standards of carpet clean service. We do come back to help you to resolve any problem that might cause your a headache.

  • For stain removal, please let us know all the details of the carpet stains as it might be difficult to remove the stains due to the age of the stain as well as the materials of the carpet. However, we will try our best to remove any stains on your carpet to ease your anxiety and stress

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